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A Practice A Day…

The Craft is a matter of practice, practice and more practice from start to finish and one way to establish regular engagement in magical matters is to use daily ritual. Establishing a short daily practice, particularly early on in ones … Continue reading

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My Little Goetia

I’ve been a little quiet when it comes to my spirit work, I had originally intended for it to be a standing monthly topic but life has been a little hectic. The rituals have been on going but the opportunity … Continue reading

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The Magical Uses of Salt

Salt is one of the almost ubiquitous elements of modern day witchcraft practice. We have a pot on our altar, we sprinkle it in our baths, we bury crystals with is and wash our services down with it. It is … Continue reading

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Hekate’s Deipnon

Deipnon is here again, and it is past time that I post on the subject and about my practices as a witch alone. I have been on a long break from devotional work with Hekate whilst I explored other aspects … Continue reading

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Protection Spell for Wild Animals

This spell is intended to support conservation efforts, particularly in your local area. I wrote and performed this after a series of Red Kite deaths however it can be easily adapted to work on a wider scale or on a … Continue reading

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Lammas LAH-mahs   Also known as: Lughnasa, August Eve, Feast of Bread, Harvest Home, Gŵyl Awst Dates 1st or 2nd August (Northern Hemisphere) 1st or 2nd February (Southern Hemisphere) Season Late Summer /Autumn Zodiac Aspect 15 degrees of Leo Themes … Continue reading

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General Purpose Invocation to Hekate for Divination

Whenever someone pops up in a Facebook Group asking for advice on an experience, or how they should handled a situation magically, my first thought is always of divination by pendulum. The process of divining for answers in this ways … Continue reading

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