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Woodland Blanket Part 1

I will be participating in a crochet a-long (CAL) for the first few weeks of 2018 so I will use the time to shine a light on my hooking habits, chart my progress and and generally achieve that long awaited … Continue reading

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Bye Bye 2017

As the year comes to a close there is always a whirlwind of madness to contend with. There are the obligatory nativity performances, parties to provide for, holidays to close down and prepare for… Still December is also the month … Continue reading

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White Magic vs Black Magic

Ah the age old dichotomy of White Magic vs Black Magic. It comes up time and again with people asking for spells for love, money or even harm against someone else but dictating that they want ‘White Magic Only’ as … Continue reading

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What Makes Something an Omen?

People will see or experience something and start to wonder whether the warble or flight path of a bird has particular meaning on this occasion, or if a seemingly random coincidence has some greater meaning. But how does one tell … Continue reading

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Hekate and The Charities

The Charities are a group of lesser deities (ie not counted within the main Olympiad) who represent concepts such as charm, nature and beauty in the smell way the muses represent the creative arts. Known singularly as a Charis (/ˈkeɪrɪs/; Greek: Χάρις, pronounced [kʰáris]) together they … Continue reading

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The Nameless Arte – Aspects of Traditional Witchcraft in Britain

Introduction  The 2nd September 2017 was a special day for two reasons. First, it was the OP’S birthday and second was the first, hopefully not last, Traditional Witchcraft Occult Conference celebrating the Nameless Arte, a phase coined by Nigel Pennick to … Continue reading

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RuneSoup Grimoires Course

After Sigils came Grimoires, specifically their history and development with a view to helping people to give it a go should they want to. I came at this from the historical perspective. The development of the magical process surrounding the grimoires … Continue reading

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