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Hekate and Corvids

The corvid family contains a number of different birds but this post will will concentrate on the three most commonly associated with Hekate; the Raven, the Crow and the Magpie.  Raven On a spiritual level the Raven plays the role … Continue reading

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Hekate of the Fourth Face

Hekate is most commonly thought of a a threefold goddess in no small part because she is surrounded by threes. She holds rulership over the three realms of Earth, Sea and Sky; She is associated with the point at where … Continue reading

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A Family Outing to Scarbourough

This weeks blog is a little delayed thanks to the beautiful weather we have experienced this weekend. Sunny days are so few and far between in this country that you have to make hay whilst the sun shines. And if … Continue reading

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Hunting for Wetiko Part 2

There is something stalking the land… no that’s far too small scale. There is something stalking this world. It is a dark yet intangible being which stalks the earth in search of sustenance and no matter how deeply it may … Continue reading

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Musings – Why I Blog

Everyone questions their motivation from time to time. Why do we participate in certain activities and platforms, or in my case why do I blog. So I sat back and thought about it for a bit and there are regular … Continue reading

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Protecting The Libary

I don’t have the largest occult book collection in all of Seacroft,  I think that distinction falls to my friend a few streets over, but I do have a lot of books. It drives my other half crazy because I … Continue reading

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And so the end… Woodland Blanket

And so we’ve reached the end. The final Woodland CAL post went live on Friday and I’ve put the finishing touches to my blanket. I’m not massively pleased with the finished result. In hindsight I should have gone with my … Continue reading

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