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I was on the Talk Gnosis podcast! Tune in and take a look!

I know I’m supposed to be on a hiatus so I can focus on my Salem Summer Symposium presentation (Spelling by Spelling: Greek Alphabet Divination and Magic, at 1pm EDT on Saturday, August 15, which you all should totally join … Continue reading

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The ground which now feeds you will one day eat you…

Not much of a post today – I am beginning to really feel the cabin fever. I found this picture whilst randomly scrolling the internet and it reminded me of a phrase I was given by Hekate in relation to … Continue reading

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Upright Meaning Beginings, endings, changes, transformation and transition Reversed Meaning Stagnation, resistance, inability to change Description of Rider-Waite-Smith An armoured skeleton rides towards a group of people on a white horse, bearing a flag with a white rose on a … Continue reading

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Hekate Whispers

Hecate whispers words over bones and dust. Slowly, they gather strength to come together and form. She gathers her minions and they march to town. Joseph John Taras Kushnir Hekate is whispering to many a mind at the moment and … Continue reading

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Moon and Star Blanket

After last year’s abortive attempt at a granny square a day project I’ve been chomping at the bit to do another one. I started looking around in December for one but decided against a temperature blanket due to my fear … Continue reading

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New Year New Hate

From the department of – “I don’t live under a rock” a couple of articles have caught my attend this week and I wanted to throw in my two penneth worth. I’m sure you’ve probably been aware of the article … Continue reading

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The Hermit

Upright Meaning Introspection, inner guidance, solitude, inner journeys to truth Reversed Meaning Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal, separation from the world at large Description of Rider-Waite-Smith In a bleak and barren landscape, a lone figure walks through the darkness. In one hand … Continue reading

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To Hekate and Janus

Hail, many-named Mother of the Gods, whose children are fair Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold. And hail to you also Forefather Janus, Imperishable Zeus Hail to you Zeus most high. Shape the course of my life with luminous Light … Continue reading

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The Sceptre of Hekate

Back when I was posting about Light for Leeds I drew some slight attention to the display board and hinted at a local announcement to come. I still can’t make a full and formal announcement but I can give you … Continue reading

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Upright Meaning – Strength, courage, patience, self-control, compassion Reversed Meaning – Weakness, doubt, lack of control, lack of self-discipline Description of Rider-Waite-Smith In the centre of the scene stands the Maiden and the Lion, the beauty and the beast, seemingly in a … Continue reading

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