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Summer Solstice 2019

June has been a funny month both in terms of my posting schedule and the weather. Weeks of rain has finally let up and we’ve managed to get a good weekend of sunshine and warm weather just in time for … Continue reading

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The Emperor

The Emperor Upright – Authority, Father Figure, Structure, the foundation upon which we build Reversed – Domination, Rigidity, Inflexibility, Controlling, excessive use of force. Description of Rider-Waite-Smith Whilst the Empress reclines on a comfortable throne is a beautiful garden the Emperor sits … Continue reading

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Mournful Cries: Of Sorcerers & Spirits

Originally posted on The Boukoleon:
The Sorcerer The professional practice of Goetia primarily arises out of the late archaic age of Greece, gaining momentum around 500 – 400 BCE. The word means “lamenting,” or “wailing,” and describes the actions of…

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Halloween and Samhain: Eves of Transformation

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A Deipnon Ritual

As a process of rededication and to celebrate the dedication of a new statue to Hekate I decided to review my current depinon practices in light of my recent study, changes in praxis ect. The resulting ritual is a blend … Continue reading

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Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox Also known as: Autumnal Equinox, Fall Equinox, September Equinox, Harvest Tide, Harvest Home, Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest. Mabon (pronounced MAY-bun, MAH-bun, MAY-vhon, or MAH-bawn) note – the naming of this celebration as Mabon outside of specific contexts can … Continue reading

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Daughter of Perses, lover of desolation

“Great business must be wrought ere noon. Upon the corner of the moon There hangs a vap’rous drop profound. I’ll catch it ere it come to ground.”

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