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And so the end… Woodland Blanket

And so we’ve reached the end. The final Woodland CAL post went live on Friday and I’ve put the finishing touches to my blanket. I’m not massively pleased with the finished result. In hindsight I should have gone with my … Continue reading

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Hunting for Wetiko.

Thought provoking stuff… what is feeding off us? My own thoughts to follow.

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Woodland Blanket Part 4

If you think I spend all my free time sitting around crocheting you wouldn’t be far wrong. Crochet is central to my calm down / wind down routine of a silly basis and I will admit to carrying mini projects … Continue reading

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Imbolc Pronounced IM-bulk, IM-molg, or imb-OLC Also Oimelc, Candlemass or Brigid’s Day Date 1st or 2nd February (Northern Hemisphere) 1st or 2nd August  (Southern Hemisphere) Season Winter / Beginning of Spring Zodiac Aspect 15 degrees of Aquarius  Themes Quickening Hope … Continue reading

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Invocation to Coffee

I’ve recently had minor day surgery to the back of my hand to remove a small ganglion from my wrist joint.  Its been painful, even after having a nerve cluster removed along with the offending lump, and there is nothing … Continue reading

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10 Stupid Crochet Questions

1) What you knitting? Here we go. This is a hook, singular, and it doesn’t even look like a knitting needle. People tend to assume that the two things go hand in hand but I don’t actually knitting, it plays … Continue reading

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Light-Bulb Moments

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. I’ve been in a funk the last six or so months for a variety of reasons but a big one has been that things haven’t quite run in my direction when … Continue reading

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