Defining My Craft

Welcome to the Defining My Craft Blog Project Page. Here you will find quick links to all my postings relating to this project.

Knot Magick, as a blog, came about because as well sharing my path and experience I wanted to define to myself and others what Witchcraft is to me. This project is the means by which I am going to do it in a structured way.

The Defining My Craft project was inspired by the chapter “Answeing the Questions” from Robin Skelton’s book “The Practice of Witchcraft Today: And introduction to Beliefs and Rituals”, providing 48 of the 52 topics and a framework for defining witchcraft which should appeal to most ‘flavours’ of Witch.

If you are a blogger looking to participate in this project please ensure that you link back to this page on your blog so that others can find the original posting and inspiration for the project itself.

Happy Reading / Happy Blogging

1.    What is a Witch? 

2.    How does one become a Witch?

3.    What do Witches believe?

4.    How old is the “Old Religion”?

5.    What is magic?

6.    What are black and white witchcraft/magic?

7.    What is a coven?

8.    Why do Witches do their magic in a circle?

9.    What is a “Cone of Power”?

10.  What are Esbats?

11.  What are Sabbats?

12.  Do Witches cast spells?

13.  How ancient are Witches Spells?

14.  Do Witches stick pins in dolls?

15.  Do Witches make magic potions?

16.  Do Witches make magic charms?

17.  Do Witches perform sacrifice?

18.  Do Witches foretell the future and are they psychic?

19.  Do Witches use hypnosis?

20.  Do Witches ride broomsticks and do they still use them?

21.  Do Witches have Familiars?

22.  Why is midnight considered the “Whitching Hour”?

23.  Do Witches perform ceremonies in graveyards?

24.  How do Witches regard death?

25.  Do Witches raise spirits?

26.  Do Witches perform exorcisms?

27.  What implements to Witches use?

28.  Why do Witches have cauldrons?

29.  What are the Witches cord and garter?

30.  What is the Witches knife?

31.  What is a scrying-glass?

32.  What is a Witches mirror?

33.  What is the Witches wand?

34.  What is the Witches chalice?

35.  Do Witches have a secret alphabet for magical uses?

36. What are spell boxes?

37. What is a pentagram and why is it important to Witches?

38.  What is a pentacle?

39.  What is a hexagram and why is it important to Witches? 

40.  What is a heptagram and why is it important to Witches?

41.  Is there a life-style particular to Witches?

42.  How do Witches dress?

43.  Are Witches feminists?

44.  Are Witches eco-warriors?

45.  Do Witches make money?

46.  Are there not many charlatans amongst Witches?

47.  Do Witches worship the devil?

48.  Are Witches anti-Christian?

49.  Are Witches drunken?

50.  Do Witches indulge in wild dances?

51.  Do Witches have sexual orgies?

52.  What is Witchcraft?