A collection of posts exploring Hekate through historical research, shared and personal gnosis suitable both for the interested newcomer and the more knowledgeable devotee looking for another insight.

Introductions to Hekate

Hekate – Queen of Heaven, Sea and Underworld
Hekate – Goddess of Witchcraft
Hekate and Childbirth
Hekate – From Crone-ing to Rebirth
Hekate of the Fourth Face
Hekate as a Warrior

Hekate and the Gods

Asteria – Mother
Persus – Father
Hekate and Her Consorts

Symbols, Icons and Associations

Hekate and Her Symbols
Hekate’s Strophalos
Hekate and the Crossed Keys
Hekate and Doorways
Hekate and Roses
Hekate and Corvids
Hekate and Gale, Galinthias and Hekabe

Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity

Timing Rituals
Deipnon Ritual
Hekate’s Night

Hekate in Myth

Theogony – Hymn to Hekate a personal interpretation
Theogony – challenging my own interpretation
Hekate and the Lampades
Hekate and the Charities

Hymns, Prayers and Poems

A variety of prayers, poems and hymns I’ve either written or shared.
Hymn to Hekate and Janus
To Hekate – an invocation and poem
Hekate Whispers
Hekate Phosphorous – a post and a prayer
A Woman’s Prayer to Hekate – poem

Hekate and the Mysteries

Hekate has many connections to the ancient mystery traditions of the ancient world – here are some of my thoughts.
The Eleusinian Mysteries
The Orphic Mysteries
The Spindle of Necessity
The Axis Mundi and the Spindle of Necessity

If you are interested in doing your own reading on the Mysteries a good place to start are The Rosicrucian Digests.  

Hekate in the Ancient World

Hekate in Ephesus
Hekate at Lagina
Hekate as a Civic Goddess
Elsewhere in the Ancient World

Hekate in the Modern World

These posts represent my various takes on Hekate’s interest in the problems of the modern world
Hekate is Political – Get Over It
Hekate and the Homeless

Common Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Hekate and Heket – are they one in the same? Not in my experience.
The One True Hekate – a personal take on gatekeeping Hekate

Personal Experiences

Hekate and Me
Three times she cried
The Smiling Goddess

Spells, Divination and Ritual Elements

The (Lesser) Banishing Ritual of the Crossroads

A Hekatean binding spell
A Cord Cutting Visualisation
A Protective Charm

A general purpose invocation for divination
The Oracle of the Ephesian Grammata

Ritual Elements
A Hekatean Prayer Ladder
A Ritual for Enlivening a Statue
Hekate and Her Words of Power
Maskelli Maskello


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