Rod and Cosmology

A few months ago I was challenged to look at a European pantheon outside of my comfort-zone of the Mediterranean cultures of Greece and Rome. I finally settled on the Slavic God’s, simply because it was a group of deities I knew nothing about. In the process, I learnt about the modern reconstructionist movement Rodnovery.

Now, a quick disclaimer. The intention was never to adapt my practice or take anything from this modern expression of pan-Slavic tradition, and not being part of this tradition means that what I have to say is (at best) superficial. However, it never hurts to learn something new and get outside your comfort zone when you do it.

Introduction To Rodnovery

Rodnovery is an anglicised compound word made of the Slavic words rodnaI (native) and vjera (faith). This broad term is used to describe the contemporary revival of the polytheistic and pantheistic religion and practices indigenous to the 13 Slavic states which include;

  • The Czech Republic
  • Bosnia
  • Serbia
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Bulgaria
  • Macedonia
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Montenegro

Like other modern reconstructions of ancient practices, Rodnovery is informed by surviving writings, archaeology, folk traditions and the work of contemporary Slavic pagans. The practice centres upon the worship of Slavic deities however in addition to indigenous Slavs people identifying as Rodnovers include the Slavic diaspora (Slavic peoples living in other countries) and non-Slavs with close ties to Slavic culture also.

Rodnovers follow a calendar not dissimilar from the modern pagan wheel of the year, with season rites and observation of the Solstices and Equinoxes forming the eight spokes of the Kolovrat, the Slavic variation of the Swastika or “Wheel”. In addition to these are rites venerating Nature Spirits, Gods, Ancestors and other dates of significance historically or to folk tradition are also observed. The Rodnovery Calendar may include upwards of 20 significate days depending on the group or individual.

Like other modern Heathen practices, Rodnovery involves a very visceral connection with the Gods of the Pantheon. Celebrations take place in nature, occasionally within the precincts of wooden temples were the icon of the God is housed. Whilst this is not always practical in the case of the Slavic diaspora an emphasis is upon connecting with the Gods through a connection with the Land. Rodnovers also connect with their Gods through methods identifiable to their ancestors.  Alcohol, sleep deprivation and sweat lodges are just a few ways that modern practitioners seek communion with their Gods.  





As with many Indo-European cultures, the Slavic Cosmology is a linear structure involving a World Tree. More simplistic than is Norse counterparts the Slavic World Tree connects three realms of existence;

  • Prav – the realm of divine order where the Gods reside,
  • Jav – the material realm where humans reside,
  • Nav – the Underworld where the dead and other chthonic forces reside, the realm of Nav is also described as the formless abyss from which creation emerged.

The formation of the Slavic Cosmos is described in two stages, the first being the emergency of the God Rod from a golden Cosmic Egg. The shell of this egg provides the crown and roots, which will become the realms of Prav and Nav respectively, and as Rod disperses his being across creation the realm of Jav is formed. As Svarog begins to define and refine the material world and its laws the 12 Pillars become part of the World Tree, further separating the realms of Jav and Nav.

As with other examples of the Axis Mundi, or cosmic axis, in the form of the World Tree, it is possible for the magical practitioner, be they shamanic in origin or otherwise, to travel the length of the World Tree in order to communicate with the beings and entities which dwell within them.

Given that Rod, the primary God of Rodnovery and the root of the word itself, is responsible to the foundation of creation it only makes sense that we start with this deity.


Rod is the ultimate creator God of the Slavic pantheon. It is from his very being that all of creation is established and it was through his thoughts that the Universe was ordered into the three realms of Jav, Prav and Nav.

It is the name of this God that word Rodnovery takes part of its meaning and many words relating to blood relationships, nationality and family contain this common root. Rod is recognised as the God of Universal Law and Order as well as hospitality and oath taking. Any oath that was taken in the name of, or sight of, Rod was a sacred oath particularly when it related to the treatment of others.

As his body dissolved into the fabric of creation; his eyes became the Sun, Moon and Stars, his breath the wind etc, Rod left his son Svarog to complete creation and formalise not only the boundaries of the three realms but also the land itself.

Offerings – mead, plum brandy, walnut nuts, porridge, bread, plums, honey.

Altar – Family heirlooms, photos, keepsakes, bloodstone.

Spaces – home, burial grounds, woodland groves

Day – none

Animals – raven



Going Forward

Over the course of the next few weeks and months, I will supplement my normal musings and ramblings with posts from my research. Watch this space.

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Photo Inspiration – Red Fox

This week I am taking inspiration from a recently acquired fox skull, which I purchased through a friend recently.


There is nothing more beautiful than the Red Fox. Increasingly a symbol of the urban wild; this small predator is at home both in the meadows, fields and forests where it hunts for small herbivores (and other foods) and the big cities where it both hunts and scavenges. Often viewed as little better than the vermin it hunts foxes are a common sight in our suburban gardens and parklands.

The house I grew up in was bordered by some private allotments, most of which were untended and overgrown. We often listened to the unmistakable sound of the vixen in heat and each year a little fox family would play in our garden. Our rabbits and guinea pigs were never bothered by these foxy visitors because my mum insisted, we had a running deal. They would get the choicest leftovers from our roast chicken dinners and in return wouldn’t eat our pets.

Being able to view this wonderful animal from a relatively close distance, albeit through the window, left me with a reverence and respect for these creatures. They are predators, of this there is no doubt and I watched more than one tuck into a fat pigeon on the lawn, but they are also incredibly playful and affectionate. The connection between mates is strong and monogamous and whilst the cubs are young and learning they are a close family group. You would rarely see the adults coming because they knew the lay of the land so well they had all the advantages when it came to sneaking but they were not above a bold statement of presence from time to time if the situation was in their favour.

Foxes appear one most of the continents on the planet, the exception being Australia where they are an invasive species introduced into the country in the mid-1800’s for sport. As a result, there are many interpretations on the qualities of the Fox but by and large, they are split into two main categories; wisdom and guile.

Wise Guide

Ever had a fox trot across your path, pause and then continue out of sight and felt that they were beckoning you to follow them into the unknown? Although foxes are normally considered nocturnal animals they are most commonly seen during dawn and dusk, those liminal times of days when many consider the wall between worlds weakest. Through their association with these times of day, foxes are often regarded as spirit guides, able to lead the adept over the threshold between worlds and beyond.

For this reason, they are often associated with the higher knowledge and wisdom associated with the spiritual realms and the sighting of a fox seen as an omen to be reckoned with. It is always why the fox is regarded by some as an auspicious spirit guide/animal for those interested in crossing these spiritual boundaries. Working with the energies of the Fox can help the practitioner find their way across these boundaries and through the complexities of such spiritual realms.  

The Fox also shows wisdom in the way it employs its skills as a hunter and expert in camouflage. Hunting requires energy and failed hunt can be more costly than not hunting at all in some situations and the fox knows this well. When they hunt they do so in an efficient and arrow-like way, pursuing their quarry carefully and efficiently.  When hunted themselves they are savvy prey, and their skills lie in knowing ahead of time when they are likely to be hunted and hiding well. Man alone struggles to track the fox and relies heavily on trapping known food sources (chicken coupes and the like) or the nose of the hound. This is one reason that the illegal fox hunts which take place across the countryside rely so heavily on dogs going out ahead of time to track the likely location of their quarry.

Their adaptability and knowledge of what skills to use when are spiritual messages which can be gained from working with this spirit animal and another reason this animal is a popular spiritual guide.



Wise Fox – Artist Aimee Stewart

Cunning Trickster

The fox is often regarded as a sly character, able to catch even the most suspicious of opponent off guard. From ancient land spirit bringing fire to man through cunning to sly old Mr Fox trying to trick rabbits into his pot; the Fox has long been associated with guile and diversion. Such behaviour can be seen in two lights. On one hand, it is an extension of wisdom, using one’s natural abilities to ensure the best outcome for the self or others. On the other hand, it is seen as a misuse of wisdom and knowledge, particularly by the victims of such wise ways and words. In dream symbolism the fox almost universally represents an opponent of some kind, drawing on the many phrases associated with the fox such as “foxy lady” and “sly as a fox”. The image of the fox can, therefore, represents both sides of this coin, representing the cunning enemy or the cunning needed to prevail in any given situation.

Some cultures also accord Foxes with shapeshifting abilities, drawing on the ability of this animal to move unseen through its environment. Like many predatory animals, foxes have evolved to blend seamlessly into their native environments but time and again they have shown their ability to adapt to new environments and thrive. On a spiritual level, this message of adaptability is a positive one, encouraging us to remain open and able to change according to our situation.

Shapeshifters are also notorious tricksters, playing situations to their advantage to create chaos for others but their role is always coloured by the perception of the outcome. Victims will always feel that the Trickster represents a negative force, the chaos they being breaks the bounds of conventional behaviours and rules to the detriment of all. Those that benefit will view the Trickster as the little hero, the underdog which has defied all the odds and used their cunning to defy both the odds and maybe even overwhelming strength. The Fox also falls into this category of liminal creatures, dancing back and forth across the line of what is acceptable and what is not.



Fox Maiden – Artist Susan Seddon Boulet

Closing Musings and Ethical Statement

The fox is a rather magically animal of layered meanings and associations all of which can be seen as two sides of the same coin. The adaptability and shifting nature of the Fox are certainly qualities to be prized in modern life

Like many witches who use animal remains in their Craft, I like to be aware of where I am sourcing from. Foraging, roadkill and ethical population culls are my preferred source for animal remains. In this case, the fox pictured was the victim of a road traffic accident (aka roadkill) and not from an illegal hunt or trapping.

Not everyone is comfortable with using animal remains in their practice and some may find it strange to have the skull of an animal which may be considered revered on your living room sideboard. I personally find it a powerful way in which to invoke the energies of that animal in your life and, in my case at least, a significant reminder of not only my past interactions with this wonderful animal but also of significant family members. With proper ritual and care any skull can become a vessel for the spirit of the animal it represents and although this particular skull hasn’t undergone these processes I am not precluding it from my personal practice at this stage.

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Pagan Paretning – Viking Homework

ED’s homework book finally came back from school for the holidays and with it her cross stitch homework.



It’s the first time she’s worked with anything other than plastic mesh and the pattern is a little more complex than what she’d done previously but it turned out really well. She doesn’t quite get the importance of counting in counted cross stitch, and she hasn’t quite got my compulsion to un-pick everything when she makes a mistake but she’s getting there.

This project turned into another lesson around magical theory. We discussed the associations of the colour red, what boat symbols mean, what the pouch could be used for etc. We did have to put the cart before the horse in terms of defining purpose after choosing the design and thread colour but perhaps ED had a purpose in mind all along.

Viking Dream Traveller Pillow

Design – Viking Boat

Meaning – boat representative of both real world travel and dream travel (think In the Night Garden as she did). Thread Colour – Red, used for good luck and protection.

Stuffing – a combination of normal toy stuffing and an Anglo-Saxon Nine Herbs Charm tea bag.

Theme – Dream/sleep pillow for protection

Why Use the Nine Herbs Charm?

The ED’s homework at the time was to do with the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons and there was absolutely no way I was going to miss out the opportunity to include this herbal charm. Plus, it had the added bonus of actually fitting into the theme of the pillow

Relevant Magical Uses of the Nine Herbs

Mugwort – Used in a number of ways to increase the strength of dreams and prophetic skills. Also used in protective sachets relating to travel to avoid bad luck or protect the home against unwanted energies.

Plantain – Drunk as an infusion to promote vivid and prophetic dreams. Also used in protection spells, particularly for children.

Watercress – Used to promote clarity and strength of mind, aiding visions and dreams. Also used for protection, particularly relating to travel by water.

Chamomile – Used as an infusion to wash liminal points of a property (doors and windows) to protect against unwanted energies. The infusion can also be used as a Good Luck hand wash.

Betony* – Protective herb, historically used to guard against evil or mischievous spirits. Also used to protect against unwanted energies, negativity, misfortune and hexes.

Crab Apple – generally apples are associated with the realm of the dead and the appeasement of otherworldly spirits, being associated with immortality through mythology. They are also associated with protection as a result of the natural pentagram which can be found within them.

Nettle – Protective herb used to keep out negativity, unwanted spirits and protect against curses.

Chervil – Generally considered a funeral herb, Chervil is associated with the spirits of the dead and both aids in communication whilst also offering protection.

Fennel – Used as an infusion to wash doorways to keep away bad energies and spirits and can be used in protective charms.

*Betony is often substituted for the ‘hidden herb’ called Attorlaðe in the poem. Attorlaðe is often translated ‘venom-loather/ loathing’.

These associations fit with the overall theme of protection during the night and increasing dream view all and vision. Added bonus for the ED is that she felt that it was something she could take on holiday so that even away from home she would have protection.


As it happened I had just located an Etsy seller who was selling a blend of herbal tea inspired by the Nine Herbs charm.

I can’t recommend this brew enough. The brew is pleasant on the palate, though if you prefer sweeter drinks you should add honey rather than refined sugar and I have very interesting dreams when I drink it before bed. I’ve not used it in ritual context but I’m sure it would be more than suitable. You can buy the blend as either bags or loose leaf and as fortune would have it I had opted for bags on this first occasion.

The tea bags are really well sealed, and the bags themselves are a high quality so I hade no fear of it bursting within the pillow at a later date.

Needless to say, ED got a few extra merits *buffs nails*

Use and Ritualisation

I will be honest, we didn’t make this with the intention of it becoming an operation. Regardless it will make a nice dream pillow in a style similar to those I have used in the past to protect the children at night, and explanation of which will/has appeared under the Pagan Parenting tag as “Things That God Bump in the Night.” If you were making something similar from scratch there are a number of operations you would follow.

Firstly, as it is a hand crafted item, you can charge the pillow with intent during the stitching of the design and again during its construction. The next thing that can, and should, be done is the charging of the herbs. Even though in this instance a sealed tea bag is used this process can still occur. Instead of stirring the herbs by hand they would have to be held and empowered that way. If you were wishing to invoke a deity I would recommend Frigga. Although Woden/Odin would be the first deity to come to mind the pillows use as a dream pillow for children wouldn’t really fit his domain so whilst I would reference him his wife, and central matron figure within the tradition, would be a more appropriate figure to call on.

Given that I am working retrospectively I will need to work in a different way. Instead of charging all items separate they will have to be charged in a single operation, at the same time that I invoke Frigga.

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Looking For A Teacher?

There is a strong belief that in order to learn about Witchcraft you must simply have a teacher. Whilst this isn’t always true there is nothing to stop you seeking out teachers, however, be prepared to be asked questions. These questions serve many purposes, not least to identify whether or not the seeker is actually ready to learn. There seem to be many seekers who are not prepared for, or to be, questioned on any level for one reason or another and for each and every seeker post I see there are as many flounces and upset.

There are many posts about what a seeker may consider asking of a potential teacher but I am adding my thoughts on some of the basic questions that a teacher may ask a prospective student. They are questions that I have been asked, and have asked myself of people who come to me looking for a teacher. My aim is to provoke some introspective thought, which is the purpose of the questions in the first place.

Why do you think you need a teacher?

As much as this seems an obvious first question very few people ask it of themselves as they post their plea for guidance in an open group. Assuming the poster is a genuine seeker, the realisation of “this is for me” sets of an impulse to act which, thanks to social media, often looks like an unplanned gush of joy. Unfortunately, the preconceived notion that Occult knowledge is only accessible through a teacher or other form of mediation is an old one. Whilst is it true when looking at individual lineages and traditions on a much broader level a teacher is totally unnecessary. There is a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects and to an extent, this eradicates the need for formalised teaching. If the response is a variation of ‘I just assumed I needed one’ it is a safe bet that the seeker in question hasn’t don’t any real research into Witchcraft or any other magical traditions.

Now I admit, it can all appear a little daunting sometimes and it is not surprising that seekers often don’t know where to start. There is a massive amount of information available through the Internet. As well as the material published through mass paperback publishing houses there is a never ending supply of self-published materials available at low cost or even free. It is just a little too easy to print a book nowadays and identifying the pearls amongst the pig… poop is a job in itself, but it doesn’t exactly need a teacher. The process of learning by experience applies to both Witchcraft and it’s written sources and one of the best things you can do is read a book and critically assess it. If it passes muster then putting its words into practice is the next step.

What do you want to learn about?

Given that paganism is which a broad term, and the number of magical practices many and wide-ranging, it is important to try and narrow down What the seeker is actually seeking. This question not only helps the teacher identify whether or not they can actually teach you but gives them an indication of what you are wanting to learn about.

Asking this question helps both potential student and teacher identify if the fit is right. If the student is asking for something outside of the teacher’s knowledge then this is the opportunity for them to direct them to a more appropriate source.

There is no bigger turn off than the statement of ‘I want to learn everything’. Nearly two decades in and I don’t even know the name of half the magical and folk tradition that exists around the world, let alone know how to practice them. To learn ‘everything’ is an unrealistic goal.

What have you read?

I know quite a few training circles which will ask this question of every aspirant that comes their way as the answer gives an indication of the student’s starting point and direction of learning. No teacher will expect to you to have read every book on the market, nor have a fixed required number of books owned/read in mind. What they are looking for is some indication that the seeker has encountered the basic concepts of magical practice.

The other thing this question can reveal is a student’s commitment to learning as an independent student. No teacher is willing to spoon-feed their students, and is unlikely to take on someone who’s attitude amounts to ‘tell me what I need to know’. They expect the student to be able, and willing, to take basic or brief information and take it forward themselves and come back with insights and questions of their own. Even where a specific tradition is being imparted the teacher wants the student to be independent in though not a carbon copy.

Have you ever sought or received training before? How did it go?

This can be an interesting question, not so much for the number of people who give negative responses but the few who confirm they have sought or received training elsewhere. If things “just didn’t work out” what exactly was the problem and why do they think it will be different this time? The answer establish can be very telling, so can the other side of the story if it is available. References from prospective students are often sought for this very reason.

Will you take my advice?

Not everyone likes to be asked questioned and even fewer like being told ‘no’ regardless of the reason. This tends to turn them off to hearing anything else which is said to them. The aspiring student does themselves no favours by shutting their minds to the advice they have been given. In one sense it is short-sighted; the teacher has been approached because they are thought to be knowledgeable and skilled and a negative response is not a sign to the contrary.

In all likelihood, they have said no because they feel that the aspirant is lacking a foundation in the basic principles of the Craft or their tradition, or are generally unsuited for the tradition in question. At good teacher will not set a student up to fail. Equally a good teacher will send the student with information and to guidance and will leave the door open for the prospective student to return at a later date…

… If the student is willing to take their advice.

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Butterfly – Photo Inspiration

Nothing says spring has sprung more clearly than the first fluttering of the spring Butterflies in your garden. I am probably a little more sensitive to the appearance of these little garden visitors this year but I do think that there has been more visiting my garden than I would normally expect.

Speckled Wood Butterfly - © Vicky Newton

Speckled Wood Butterfly – © Vicky Newton

This week’s photo inspiration comes from a snap of a little Speckled Wood butterfly that found itself in my garden this April. The Speckled Wood is one of maybe three varieties I have spotted so far, including the small white and common blue varieties  but time is the over all spiritual meaning of the butterfly that has inspired my post today.

Some meanings associated with Butterfly include;

  • Change and transformation
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Joy and celebration
  • Dance and grace
  • Resurrection
  • Rebirth and renewal
  • Transition of the Soul

Flutterby Butterfly 

Seeing a butterfly unexpectedly can be an omen of many things, not least of all that change is on the way. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is the most powerful process symbolising change and transformation. This can be applied not only to yourself and an inner transformation but to the world around you at large. Just as the butterfly surrenders itself to total transformation so too its appearance seeks to assure you that it is safe to do the same. Allowing change to flow and the outcome to reveal itself in time can be both rewarding and easier on the process.

More generally the butterfly inspires us to a sense of joy through its light, dance like movements and many feel their creativity awakened by this sense of freedom. The colour and movement combined can lift the soul to new levels of creativity and states of being.

Working With Butterfly

As a guide and familiar Butterfly is a powerful companion when experiencing or seeking transformation. Butterfly inspires us to be our most confident self as it gracefully guides us through our transformations. Butterfly is worth seeking when weathering changes in our own lives. Their association with transformation helps us give pause and assess what is going on in our lives, either to recognise that change is coming or accept it’s presence in our lives. Butterfly also inspires us to enjoy the freedom and creativity in our lives, living life lightly but to its fullest.

Butterflies are very sensitive to their environment and the state of the ecology. They are in tune with nature and inspire us to explore our own connection to the world around us both in respect of the environment. This makes Butterfly a powerful ally when working on ecological issues.

Butterflies and the Soul

One strong association people hold with regard to the butterfly is their links with the soul and reincarnation. Many view their transformation as being consistent with the evolution of the soul on its journey thorough life, death and rebirth and take inspiration from it. The Chinese in particular associate the butterfly with immortality, in particular the immortality of the soul, as do many Christians. In Greek mythology the butterfly is seen as representing Psyche (which literally translated means “soul”). Psyche is a young woman who falls hopelessly in love with Eros, the Greek god of love.

The association of the butterfly with the human soul does not end there and there are many who viewed the appearance of the butterfly as a message from the spirit world. Most often this is in the form of a love one visiting to impart a message to the living. What that message may be is open to interpretation by the individual. Most often the spontaneous appearance of a butterfly shortly after the death of a loved one is taken as a positive reminder that our loved ones remain with us, even after death.

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Spells for Work

I’ve increasingly noticed that people have a laser-like focus when looking for spells. They need more money, they look for a prosperity spell, they want to find love, they look for a love spell. Whilst it makes sense that if you have a particular need you perform a particular spell there are limitations to being too literal.

I work in a job which supports people on a holistic level, taking into account how health and mental wellbeing interact with any number of social and material factors. The same is true of almost every situation where magic may be employed as a solution. You may need money but you need to consider what you have to work with in order to manifest it in your life. For example, if need a quick cash injection and you have a job which operates a bonus system you are better off working to secure that. If you need a more permanent increase in income then casting for a new job will probably be a better.


Spell 1 – Jar for a Raise or Bonus

This spell is longitudinal, meaning that it is a rolling spell performed month to month which then can be additionally activated when your boss starts considering who is going to get a bonus or how much of a raise everyone will be getting. Obviously, if your bonus is linked to targets there is a need to actually do the work but this spell should tip you as a candidate most deserving.

  • Small jar
  • A small screw
  • Petition paper
  • Selection of dried herbs (cloves, basil, mint and bay leaves are perfect) and rice for luck and career
  • Coins (silver and above)
  • Green Candle

Constructing Jar

On the last day of the Waxing Moon gather your materials. On a piece of paper write down your target statement fold it three times towards you and place it at the bottom of the jar with a couple of coins sat on top to act as a weight.  Carefully push the screw through the lip so the point is on the outside of the jar. Screw the candle down onto it to create a secure mount for the candle.

Activating and Using Jar

What you will say during the activation and use of the jar will largely be dependent on the nature of your target statement, in fact, it should be directly related to your target statement. Beyond that, you can ritualise the jar in any way you want. If you want to invoke deities you can do so, if you want to use sigils on the candle and jar you can. Whatever you decide to do use the methods you are familiar with.

The basic spell process is to empower the herbs and rice according to your purpose and add them to your jar. As this is a longitudinal spell you only initially want a thin layer, enough to cover the paper and coins.

Seal up the jar and seal it up. Light the candle and reaffirm your target statement whilst visualising life with that statement realised. You are energising the jar with this intent and outcome. Another way to display this would be to develop a chant appropriate to your purpose.

Repeat this process every full moon and at times related to your target statement occurs (like bonus time) by adding more rice and herbs each time.

Ending or Refreshing Jar

Keep repeating the process from now until the point your desire is realised. Once your outcome is manifest you will need to dispose of the remains respectfully. If you go with a very long-sighted statement which may not have a clearly defined ending; such as “I will have enough money to live a pleasant and comfortable life” you may not feel there is a clear defined outcome to mark. In this case, allow the jar to fill up after which you will dispose of it and start a new one.


Spell 2 – Spell for a New Job or Career

Most of the Career and job spells I am familiar with relies on you anointing your job application or covering letter with oils and herbs to increase the likelihood of being the successful candidate.

Putting aside the fact that I’ve always found sending off oily or smelly documents off to a perspective employer a little weird the process is not relevant to a digital age where everything is done online and by email so I’ve used a variation of the spell for both work, and the occasional communication with the tax and benefits office.

  • A covering letter or copy of the application form
  • Stamped Self Addressed Envelope
  • Candle (preferably green)
  • Power Oil(Can be substituted by Clove Oil or my lucky 9 Herb Charm blend)
  • Heatproof Dish

Every time you are sending a job application, or start a particular campaign of applications/CV drops or enquiry letters print of an extra copy of the application form and write up a self-addressed envelope. If you can’t print the form write a letter addressed to the Universe, or other appropriate powers that be, explaining why you are the best potential candidates and deserve the job/s you are applying for. If you are sending out lots of applications to a range of job types keep the letter general, being more specific if you are being narrow in the scope of the job you are looking for. No one but you will read this so you can be as real about yourself and your need for work as you can.

In either event, prominently write a target statement either at the top of the form or in place of your signature. Keep it short and to the point such as ‘new and successful career’. You might even want to create a sigil from it and use that in place of a signature/statement.

Now it’s time to empower everything. You can do this any way you prefer bit I suggest putting the paperwork under a green candle, lighting it and visualising the process of getting called for an interview, having a really successful meeting, being offered the job and going on to be successful in the role. This will work particularly if you have a career path in mind. If you are more focused on getting into employment, and less concerned about what the job is you may want to keep the visualisation general or use a different method of empowering the letter. For work relating to benefits write about what difference a decision in your favour would mean to you.

Anoint the signature with your oils/herbs whilst reaffirming your statement of intent. Fold the letter towards you and then seal it in the SAE.  

*make sure it goes in the right envelope!*

Drop the letter in the post and wait for it to do the round trip. When it arrives in the post open it and repeat the visualisation/empowerment process and burn it, disposing of the ashes on either on the wind or in running water.


The timing of all of this should fit around the process of sending things out so if there are deadlines obviously prioritise them. The most appropriate days would be Sunday (Sun – success and career) and Thursday (Mercury – important communication). If you can’t manage the day then align the timing products the work with the appropriate planetary hour.

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Pagan Parenting – 8 years and above

As the ED is just entering into this age range so here I intend to stop the journey and start with some forward thinking. Both in behaviour and attitude she is trying pushing hard to be considered a preteen so this is having an impact on what we do and when.

ED has reached a stage where she is very familiar with the possibilities of the Craft but she is also aware of the importance of practical action being employed alongside magical. Magic and spells are never the first solutions to be considered when she has a problem or something she wants to achieve and I always get her to share with me her practical solutions before I ask her to tell me what kind of spell and components she things may be relevant to the situation being discussed. We rarely perform a spell but getting her to think in these terms is a step towards it.

I’ve also spent a lot of time and energy on stressing the importance of responsibility and honesty around one’s actions. Whether is is in relation to hurting someone or taking somethig without permission we have tried to instill in both girls that not taking responsibility for ones actions is sometimes the biggest crime of all.

Reading Materials

I am a hoarder, especially when it comes to books. I’ve been hoarding books for the Girls for years, decades in some cases. Anything that is light on text, strong on images which give information on the basic principles of Witchcraft was put to one side for future reference. We’re not talking high quality, and in some cases the book has been kept deliberately to try and lure them into some of the same fallacies that I fell into, with the intention being that I will be able to dig them out a bit faster than I managed myself.

  • Spellweaving – A Book of Spells and Practical Magic Sally Morningstar
  • Moon Wisdom – Lunar Magic and Natural Mysteries Sally Morningstar
  • Making Spells and Charms – A Practical Guide to Simple Spellweaving Sally Morningstar
  • White Witching- The Good Magic-Maker’s Guide to Spellweaving Mariano Kalfors
  • The Illustrated Guide to Witchcraft – the Secrets of Wicca and Paganism Revealed Tony and Aileen Grist

These books were kept because they were image heavy, text light but the text was actually imparting something of worth. Many were published in the late 90’s early 00’s and in some ways, they are better than newer books on the market. Despite some of the titles containing my classic triggers, they are actually rather fun books which so far ED has enjoyed leafing through. The next selection of books are a little more weighty in content and although she has them they aren’t things that she is actively reading.

  • Practical Magic – A Book of Transformations, Spells & Mind Magic Marion Green
  • The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Spells Michael Johnstone
  • Spells for a Teenage Witch Marina Baker

The Dark Side

The first time ED came to me asking if she should curse someone I wasn’t overly surprised. She was aware that I had performed curses and some of the circumstances surrounding them, mainly because my shopping habits change when I’m cursing, but she was also aware of what it took to get me to that point. I rolled out the first question I alway ask myself when deciding to curse – was she willing to be responsible for whatever came as a result of her magical work?

To give her some well-deserved props though she really thought about it, with her final decision was that a couple of unkind words wasn’t really worth it and it needed to be much more serious. She also got bonus points for having a pretty good curse in mind as well. She wanted to name a penny for the bully, preferably a tarnished one which was “as dirty as their words” and put it in her shoe so she could walk about on it all day.

She may be a little young to be thinking about curses but fortunately, she is old enough to be able to rationalise when to curse and when not to. Plus, her idea is a great play on the sympathetic practice of the Egyptian Pharaohs of painting their enemies on the underside of their saddles so they could literally and symbolically tread on their enemies so she’s also clearly got some sense about the practical applications of magic as well.

Where Now?

My Girls are still very young, far younger than I was when I first started to practice with any degree of seriousness. Although every question and request is an informal teaching opportunity it still feels too early to start anything formal or structured. We will still be attending open events when we can (which is rare) and there will always be the background fuzz of ‘my mummy is a witch’ so formal can wait until they are old enough, or indeed ready, to make that start.

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