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Protecting The Libary

I don’t have the largest occult book collection in all of Seacroft,  I think that distinction falls to my friend a few streets over, but I do have a lot of books. It drives my other half crazy because I … Continue reading

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Woodland Blanket Part 4

If you think I spend all my free time sitting around crocheting you wouldn’t be far wrong. Crochet is central to my calm down / wind down routine of a silly basis and I will admit to carrying mini projects … Continue reading

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The Pagan Experience asks about books this week. “Tell us about a favorite book. We come across many literary adventures as students of a spiritual path. Some become familiar companions; others reference sources. Some may have been what propelled you … Continue reading

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Don’t Box Me In

I’ve been meaning to have a bit of a book sort recently. My ‘to read ‘ pile was starting to take over the living room and I realised that things had become really disorganised and three layers of books on … Continue reading

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