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10 Stupid Crochet Questions

1) What you knitting? Here we go. This is a hook, singular, and it doesn’t even look like a knitting needle. People tend to assume that the two things go hand in hand but I don’t actually knitting, it plays … Continue reading

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Flower Madness

Seen as though my head is a little out of the game this week I thought I would give you a sneak peak at some of my crochet inspirations at the moment. I’ve been slacking in the blog department simply … Continue reading

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Where Does The Time Go?

My divergence from the Pagan Experience this week has been entirely intentional. With it being a five week month I decided to post about my creative self as I feel I’ve been ignoring that side of the blog in favour … Continue reading

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Crafting and Anxiety

Like many people in our fast paced, high pressure society I suffer from anxiety and depressions. Stress and conditions such as anxiety and depression affect a vast number of people, with a wide variety of symptoms experienced meaning that each … Continue reading

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Magic Crafting with Pan

Crafting, be it fiber craft, herb craft or witchcraft, always finds a way into my practice somehow. As well as experimenting with infused oils I’ve finally got around hooking up my own personal Pan. Now everything is finished, and I … Continue reading

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*Brrrr* Snow and winter are definitely the theme of the week. With epic snowfall in the news, and enforced ‘enjoyment’ of Disney’s Frozen (repeatedly) it’s hard to avoid the theme really. On top of which I’ve been furiously making fingerless … Continue reading

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Takeout Cup Cozy

Oh boy life is busy busy. Between our traditionally ‘mad week’ over the first week of November, conflicting shifts and my new Coursera course I’ve been rushed off my feet. I have been pottering on a couple of different things … Continue reading

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