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Hekate Flint Protective Charm

This is a gem bottle charm to protect against nightmares and other forms of night time visitation drawing on the protective qualities of Flint and its connect to Hekate. For this charm you will need; Small gem bottle Flint flakes … Continue reading

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Pagan Paretning – Viking Homework

ED’s homework book finally came back from school for the holidays and with it her cross stitch homework.   It’s the first time she’s worked with anything other than plastic mesh and the pattern is a little more complex than … Continue reading

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Kids Dream Pouches

As a parent there is nothing more upsetting than your young child having nightmares. Hearing them waking in the night screaming tears at you, especially when they say things like ‘get that man away’. With my eldest we went through … Continue reading

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D is for Dream Interpretation

I’ve been a bit snowed under and missed the second C week so I’ll be posting it a later on out of sequence. But for now, dreams. I am a very active dreamer but I struggle with lucid dreaming. I … Continue reading

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