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Timing Hekate

In one of the various groups I frequent a member posted a question about when it was best to perform ritual to Hekate. The question was somewhat vague as to the purpose of the ritual, magical or devotional, so my … Continue reading

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Protection Spell for Wild Animals

This spell is intended to support conservation efforts, particularly in your local area. I wrote and performed this after a series of Red Kite deaths however it can be easily adapted to work on a wider scale or on a … Continue reading

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Love Spells

This is another social media inspired post and set of spells, this times on that old chestnut – Love Spells. Everyone wants to feel loved or be loved, which is only natural, and many who are new to Witchcraft wonder … Continue reading

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Pagan Parenting – A Spell to Heal a Friendship

The ED was going through a complex friendship dynamic earlier this year and asked me to write and perform a spell with her to help the situation. In the end I came up with this spell, a variation of a … Continue reading

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How do Witches dress? 

First off can I wish everyone a blessed Halloween / Hallowtide / Samhain / Harvests End and so on. Readers in the Northern hemisphere are probably feeling that nip in the air whilst the Southern hemisphere is feeling the blush of summer … Continue reading

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What is a Witches Mirror?

​Mirror Mirror in my hand, Whose the fairest in the land? Mirrors, particularly black mirrors, are one of those tools which is often snapped up in those early, heady days of learning about Witchcraft but they are then not used … Continue reading

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Do Witches Make Magic Charms?

What are magic charms Charms are magical objects or spells which are particularly linked with Witchcraft and folk magic. They differ from talismans and amulets in that charms are preexisting objects which have bwen empowered through a magical process to … Continue reading

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