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Hold on to your hats witches

Well, the last week has been a whirlwind hasn’t it. I went from my usual routine with a variety of fun Pagan activities planned over the course of the year to being a work from home / home school-er with … Continue reading

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Will the one true Hekate please stand up?

Pathos writers are at it again. Pagan Voices has written a strong post about their interpretation of Hekate, in the process made some statements about Hekate’s feelings on how she is seen. A number of community leaders have responded, some … Continue reading

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Watchers of the Craft

I would say “it’s amazing when coincidences happen” but given this post is about how there are very few coincidences when you are a Witch I will restrain myself. I was discussing the nature of being a witch with a … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2018 Hello 2019

2018 is rapidly drawing to a close and it’s time to take a look back at all that has taken place like I always do. Knot Magick was born into this world during the last weeks of December so is … Continue reading

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Pausing for Seasonal Creativity

This final week of the summer holidays has been a busy one, particularly over the weekend. There have been a number of family celebrations and events that have eaten in to my blogging time this week but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Musings – Why I Blog

Everyone questions their motivation from time to time. Why do we participate in certain activities and platforms, or in my case why do I blog. So I sat back and thought about it for a bit and there are regular … Continue reading

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What Makes Something an Omen?

People will see or experience something and start to wonder whether the warble or flight path of a bird has particular meaning on this occasion, or if a seemingly random coincidence has some greater meaning. But how does one tell … Continue reading

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I’ll Second That – Witchcraft is Not Safe

I am blessed to be connected with some very interesting and connected people through social media and every now and again they throw up interesting blog posts which make me think. The most recent has been http://seohelrune.net/witchcraft-not-safe/ which got me … Continue reading

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Hekate – From Crone-ing and Rebirth

This post was originally written and presented as a talk given to my local PF moot; The Ravens Rest in January 2017. Introduction Hekate is a goddess of many parts. To some, she is the Infernal Queen of the Underworld … Continue reading

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The Hope Within A Cruel World

I’m interuping my usually posting to bring you this reflection. Given the nature of what has happened in the world around me, both internationally and now locally, the post originally planned is not appropriate and so I take a moment … Continue reading

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