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Hold on to your hats witches

Well, the last week has been a whirlwind hasn’t it. I went from my usual routine with a variety of fun Pagan activities planned over the course of the year to being a work from home / home school-er with … Continue reading

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New Year New Hate

From the department of – “I don’t live under a rock” a couple of articles have caught my attend this week and I wanted to throw in my two penneth worth. I’m sure you’ve probably been aware of the article … Continue reading

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The Sceptre of Hekate

Back when I was posting about Light for Leeds I drew some slight attention to the display board and hinted at a local announcement to come. I still can’t make a full and formal announcement but I can give you … Continue reading

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What else have I been up to?

Listening to podcasts leaves idle hands and whilst my brain capacity at the end of the working day can be limited to making itty bitty crochet squares I do occasionally have the ability to do more. For the last couple … Continue reading

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Pausing for Seasonal Creativity

This final week of the summer holidays has been a busy one, particularly over the weekend. There have been a number of family celebrations and events that have eaten in to my blogging time this week but I wanted to … Continue reading

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Defining My Craft

I was searching around for a blog project for 2016 and coming up short until I remembered “The Practice of Witchcraft Today: And introduction to Beliefs and Rituals” by Robin Skelton. This book was one of those “fortuitous finds” that … Continue reading

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Yule Logs

School asked my eldest to take into school food which was “traditional” within her “family and culture” at this time of year so that they could share it amongst the class and learn more about different faiths and cultures. Initially … Continue reading

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Pagan Musings – What are Ethics?

This post may appear to be straying from theme somewhat as it is neither overtly Pagan or about fiber arts and crafts but stick with me, we’ll get pagany next week. The Pagan Experience has set the topic of Ethics … Continue reading

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Three Times She Cried

It’s been a busy week. in addition to the normal routine there have been extra trips to school as we get read for the youngest starting in September and trips out to Halifax. This was the week that I gave … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Likes

Thank you everyone who has linked and followed my blog over the last couple of years. I’ve just had my 100 likes notification and it feels awesome! Did you know that I now have a Facebook page? I haven’t figured … Continue reading

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