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10 Stupid Crochet Questions

1) What you knitting? Here we go. This is a hook, singular, and it doesn’t even look like a knitting needle. People tend to assume that the two things go hand in hand but I don’t actually knitting, it plays … Continue reading

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I’ll Second That – Witchcraft is Not Safe

I am blessed to be connected with some very interesting and connected people through social media and every now and again they throw up interesting blog posts which make me think. The most recent has been http://seohelrune.net/witchcraft-not-safe/ which got me … Continue reading

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Is there a life-style particular to Witches? 

​ Gird your loins as we enter the world of total subjectivity. The next few weeks are focusing on questions where my personal opinion is going to make the bulk of the post and whilst I won’t be setting out … Continue reading

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Rants Raves and MOOCs – Understanding Stonehenge

A large portion of this post made up the first of my two assignments for the iVersity MOOC, hosted by the University of Buckingham. I have made significant and substantial additions to the content partly because I had more to … Continue reading

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Loosing the Plot – Catch up and PBP

I have completly lost the plot when it comes to the Pagan Blog Project and it shows just how reliant upon technology I am. My phone gave up the ghost after a blessing from the water spirits (aka a cup … Continue reading

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Rant – Where did the thought go?

Sometimes I think that as people become more aware of the ancient landscape and the ebb and flow of natures pulse the more common sense flees their mind. Instead of honouring nature by inflicting as little of our modern presence … Continue reading

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