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Acts Under The Moon

Charging by the Moon Charging ritual tools, spells ingredients, crystals etc by the light of one of our luminaries is often the simplest and most effective way to infuse them with energy. The benefit of the light of the moon … Continue reading

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Timing Hekate

In one of the various groups I frequent a member posted a question about when it was best to perform ritual to Hekate. The question was somewhat vague as to the purpose of the ritual, magical or devotional, so my … Continue reading

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Hydromancy (Ancient Greek ὑδρομαντεία, water-divination, from ὕδωρ, water, and μαντεία, divination) is a method of divination through which an answers were sought through the interpretation of the movement of water. This might include studying the color and flow of moving water, the ripples formed by water … Continue reading

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Witchcraft Indoors vs Outdoors

One thing about the British Summer is that if the weather is going to be good there is no better place to be than in the out and about in the natural world. The British Isles has an array of … Continue reading

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Love Spells

This is another social media inspired post and set of spells, this times on that old chestnut – Love Spells. Everyone wants to feel loved or be loved, which is only natural, and many who are new to Witchcraft wonder … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Also Ostara pronounced  OH-star-ah Also known as Rites of Spring, Eostra’s Day, Vernal Equinox and Lady Day. Dates 19th – 21st March (Northern Hemisphere) 20th – 23rd September (Southern Hemisphere) Season Spring Zodiac Aspect 0 degrees Aries Themes … Continue reading

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What is an Esbat?

When you ask most Witches about the Esbat, what it is and what one does to celebrate it, the answer will usually centre around the Full Moon. There is nothing wrong with this interpretation though it is a little limiting. … Continue reading

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Writing Your Own Rituals

The Pagan Experience has asked about the importance of ritual in a spiritual path and it became the perfect time to post my musings on writing rituals at the same time. Ritual is often perceived to be the corner stone … Continue reading

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