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Crochet Pattern – Basic Spell Pouch

The school holidays have been and gone and it was my turn to herd the children for the (very long) week they were out in the wild. The weather was not great, and I don’t drive, so we spent quite … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Scorpio

Sun Sign – Taurus Common Names – Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon Element – Water Colour – Deep Red, Burgundy Insense – Basil, sage, sandalwood, thyme, nettle Spell /Ritual Themes Regeneration and renewal, Divination and psychic … Continue reading

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Full Moon in Leo

For 2019 the moon kicks us into high gear with the first full moon occurring in the star sign of Leo. This gives us the perfect opportunity to think and plan big and back up those plans with the confidence-boosting … Continue reading

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Hekatean Cord Cutting Visualisation

In my Hekatean Binding Spell  I made reference to a visualisation technique called ‘Cutting the Cord’. This technique is popular for severing ties with a person (or group of people) but is also useful for breaking away from bad habits, … Continue reading

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Winters Moon

A bonus post for the start of 2017, a tale of winter workings. Winters Moon The night is cold; cold and biting like the anger within me. Over many years the little insults and petty jibes have flowed,  ebbing and … Continue reading

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The word “Earth” has so many meanings that it is dizzying. It the name of the planet on which we stand and on which life has evolved, it sustains us and gives us shelter from our environment on a local … Continue reading

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