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Spring Foraging

The Equinox has past and it is time to get foraging for those yummy spring greens. As you can see, out favourite foraging patch is in full swing. Storm Doris brought down a number of trees in the area but … Continue reading

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Axis Mundi and The Spindle of Necessity

What is the Axis Mundi? The Axis Mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar or world tree) appears in many cultures and religions around the world. Although it may be expressed in different forms and images it is consistent … Continue reading

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Pagan Musings – What are Ethics?

This post may appear to be straying from theme somewhat as it is neither overtly Pagan or about fiber arts and crafts but stick with me, we’ll get pagany next week. The Pagan Experience has set the topic of Ethics … Continue reading

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Three Times She Cried

It’s been a busy week. in addition to the normal routine there have been extra trips to school as we get read for the youngest starting in September and trips out to Halifax. This was the week that I gave … Continue reading

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Where Does The Time Go?

My divergence from the Pagan Experience this week has been entirely intentional. With it being a five week month I decided to post about my creative self as I feel I’ve been ignoring that side of the blog in favour … Continue reading

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Yarndale! I don’t think another event could be as wooly and sparkly although I might be biased being a Yorkshire lass myself. Hosted in the Skipton Cattle Mart and the brainchild of Lucy of Attic24 this is the second Yarndale … Continue reading

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Spinning and Song

I have struggled for my S post after I had to put Plan A on hold whilst I access some information from my USB stick. I’ve played around with a couple of ideas but really nothing stuck as a light … Continue reading

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