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Book Review – Land of the Fae Merlin’s Quest

I was both surprised and honoured when Rob Wildwood approached me to review his book The Land of the Fae. I’ve done a couple of book reviews but I am hardly renowned for it. Reading the book; the Land of … Continue reading

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Watchers of the Craft

I would say “it’s amazing when coincidences happen” but given this post is about how there are very few coincidences when you are a Witch I will restrain myself. I was discussing the nature of being a witch with a … Continue reading

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Goetic Workings – continued

I love it when a plan comes together… eventually. My original plan was to report back after my second performance of the simplified Goetic summoning, having triumphed over the complexities of my situation and setting.  Predictable (or not as the … Continue reading

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Do Witches Raise Spirits

​One of the cornerstones of Witchcraft is Spirit and the relationships built between the Witch and the Spirit World through how ‘spirit’ is identified will depend on the Witch and their individual practice. The question and the use of the … Continue reading

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