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Visualisations for Protecting the Self and Home

Here is another post inspired by some nonsense I came across on the web. There seems to be an epidemic of people concerned about being beset by, or at risk from, negative energy and looking for ways to protect themselves. … Continue reading

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Hekatean Cord Cutting Visualisation

In my Hekatean Binding Spell  I made reference to a visualisation technique called ‘Cutting the Cord’. This technique is popular for severing ties with a person (or group of people) but is also useful for breaking away from bad habits, … Continue reading

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Tools of the Mind

One of the first things that gets asked by the budding Witch is “the first thing I shiuld get/need/understand?” A lot of the time they expect to be told about a particular book, ritual, tool or set of correspondences and … Continue reading

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