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13 Goals of the Witch

One of my first introductions to Witchcraft  was Scott Cunningham’s Guide to the Solitary Practitioner and whilst it is dated, littered with the conflation if Wicca and Witchcraft and miss information about ‘self’ initiation, for a book of its time … Continue reading

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Visualisations for Protecting the Self and Home

Here is another post inspired by some nonsense I came across on the web. There seems to be an epidemic of people concerned about being beset by, or at risk from, negative energy and looking for ways to protect themselves. … Continue reading

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Looking For A Teacher?

There is a strong belief that in order to learn about Witchcraft you must simply have a teacher. Whilst this isn’t always true there is nothing to stop you seeking out teachers, however, be prepared to be asked questions. These questions … Continue reading

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Pagan Parenting – 8 years and above

As the ED is just entering into this age range so here I intend to stop the journey and start with some forward thinking. Both in behaviour and attitude she is trying pushing hard to be considered a preteen so … Continue reading

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I’ll Second That – Witchcraft is Not Safe

I am blessed to be connected with some very interesting and connected people through social media and every now and again they throw up interesting blog posts which make me think. The most recent has been http://seohelrune.net/witchcraft-not-safe/ which got me … Continue reading

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What is a Witches Mirror?

​Mirror Mirror in my hand, Whose the fairest in the land? Mirrors, particularly black mirrors, are one of those tools which is often snapped up in those early, heady days of learning about Witchcraft but they are then not used … Continue reading

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What are Sabbats?

From Esbats to Sabbats, the Witches gather and rejoice. Sabbat is another French word which has been co-opted into esoteric language. It is associated with Witches and describes their nocturnal gatherings, in particular the 16th century, where undoubtedly great evils … Continue reading

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