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New Year New Hate

From the department of – “I don’t live under a rock” a couple of articles have caught my attend this week and I wanted to throw in my two penneth worth. I’m sure you’ve probably been aware of the article … Continue reading

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Witchcraft With Restrictions

It can be really hard to practice your craft whilst still adhering to those pesky rule, regulations and general inconveniences. Student residence, strict tenancy agreements or shared sharing space with people who have allergies, who do not share the same … Continue reading

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Further to my own post, and with the added bonus of a beautiful digital sigil from Lesley Jackson, Ian Chambers has been writing on witchcraft as a political tool. Witchcraft Is Political And It’s Time To Use It! Ian focuses … Continue reading

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Hekate – Goddess of Witchcraft

Hekate moves in her own way. After posting my opinion on Hekate as a Goddess of Witchcraft and that as such may be invoked for political reasons, thinking that I should write about Hekate as the Goddess of Witchcraft I … Continue reading

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Wax Sealed Sigil / Spell / Charm – How To

When crochet inspiration hits other things usually crop up so before I can post some spell pouch and other witchy crochet patterns I need to put up a little placeholder to refer back to. This also gives me enough time … Continue reading

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Opinion – Witchcraft and Hekate are Political, get over yourself

I am not a fan of Pathos, for a number of reasons, but there are a couple of half decent and intelligent writers hosted there and Scarlet Magdalene is one of them. Scarlet recently posted something she has received a … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Everyday Witchcraft

Want to bring your craft into your everyday life? Here are ten ways to make your day that little bit more magical. 1 Stir with Intent To give yourself a little extra energy or emotional resilience stir your hot drink … Continue reading

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