Tools of the Trade

Whether you are a solitary practitioner or a member of a coven a witches tools are often central to the work that we do. Each tradition has its own set of tools, emphasis on their use and importance in practice and whilst some cross over others vary widely and it can be very confusing.

In this series I’m going to look at the various tools and paraphernalia of witchcraft, now and then, from a general practical perspective as well as a historical and personal one. You’re not going to learn any earth shattering secrets from me but you will get some insights into the way I work and things I do and it might answer some questions about these tools.

This is a work in progress and unlikely to ever be exhaustive when you consider all the different traditions but if over time you think I am missing something out particularly important then please comment on this page and let me know and I will try to get something up sooner.

Altar Tools
The altar, or sacred space, is the place most associated with our magical tools so here we look at some of the main altar tools

Writing Your Own Rituals

Athame and Boline


Bessom Broom / Broomsticks


Cup and Dish


Magical Tools
There are so many different magical tools for various different practices, let’s look at just a few.

Amulets, Charms and Talismans

Tools of the Mind

Familiars / Do Witches Have Familiars?

Hag Stone

Magic Potions


Stone Cairns


The Witches Hat

Divination Tools
Witchcraft and predicting the future often go hand in hand so here a some different divination tools and techniques.

Ouija Boards


Scrying Glass

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