Modern Letter: 0
Ruler of the Start of Summer
Summer Solstice 21st June

When Ur appears in a reading the message is that it is time to look after yourself, mind body and soul. Taking time for great and relaxation is something we often neglect to factor in to our busy lives but at this time it is key. Burn out and stress will hinder your growth and progress so remember that mind and body are closely linked. Turning inward for rest will not only help your spiritual growth but also strengthening your foundations, allowing you to integrate healing into your whole self.

Ur – The Irish Ogham by Lunaria Gold


Common name: common heather, ling
Scientific name: Calluna vulgaris
Family: Ericaceae
Origin: native

Heather is a stunning native shrub which is synonymous with the heath and moorland of the British Isles. Naturally occurring across Europe it has been successful transplanted to other countries, such as America and Australia, where is has become an invasive species.

Heather is an small, busy evergreen shrub comprised of a compact mass of intertwined branches. Typically it can grow up to 60-100cm in height, though in exception conditions it can exceed this, and live for about 30 years. The leaves and flowers appear mainly on short side shoots, with the leaves tightly packed on the side shoots whilst being more evenly spaced along the main branches. The colours most prominently associated with Heather are the colours of its leaves, the reddish brown of new leaves and the dark green of maturity, and the purplish pinks of it’s small flowers which paint the hillsides from late July and into August.

Common Heather – Skica911

Magical Correspondences

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Gender: Female
Themes: Passion and its consequences, love, luck, protection
Stone: Garnet
Birds: Grouse
Color: Red, White
Deity: Venus, Erycina, Cybele, Isis
Sabbat: Summer Solstice

Magical Uses

Ur Ur Ur
Uuuuuu Rrrrr Uuuuuu Rrrrr
Uh Uh Uuuuuu Rrrrr
Ur Ur Ur

Suggested Galdur

Burn heather and fern to encourage rain in weather magic.

Heather is associated with fae and the dead and is believed to aid in communication with both when burned as incense. Incorporate heather plants, particularly white ornamental varieties, into ancestor altars.

Carry a sprig of heather as a good luck and protection charm. It is particularly useful in protecting against trixie energies such as the fae.

Include heather flowers in sleep pillows to encourage prophetic dreams. The flowers have the added benefit of encouraging sleep which is deeper and more restorative in nature.

Use heather in flower magic relating to love. In the language of flowers means “admiration” and the colour of flower provides context. For example red will deepen admiration into attraction whilst purple can being a spiritual dimension to the magic being performed.

Mythology and Literature

Heather is inextricably linked to the national identity of Scotland, both as an emblem and as an important part of national identity. According to Queen Victoria when writing about her colourful Scottish servant Mr Brown he would “espied a piece of white heather, and jumped off to pick it. No Highlander would pass by it without picking it, for it was considered to bring good luck.” This might be due to the scares nature of wild white heather and would make it akin to the four leave clover in nature.

Heather was also an important to the production of fine ale, with heather blossom vein used to fule the fermentation process and impart a light floral taste to the brew. Archaeological remains of fermented heather drink from the Isle of Rum date its use to as early as 1,000 BCE. Another drink associated with Heather is Moorland tea, a brew recommended by poet Robert Burns for its health benefits to both body and mind. Indeed, there is a living tradition of heather being ingested as a natural remedy for everything from anxiety to stomach complaints or as an ointment for arthritis and rheumatism.  https://www.wildwalks-southwest.co.uk/make-your-own-wild-moorland-tea

Heather also has a range of practical uses, including as a source of proof thatch, natural yellow dye, to make strong saltwater resistant rope and in the making of besom bundles.

The king in the red moorland
Rode on a summer’s day;
And the bees hummed, and the curlews
Cried beside the way.
The king rode and was angry,
Black was his brow and pale,
To rule in a land of heather;
And lack the heather ale.

R.L. Stevenson

Sources and Further Reading

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Ogham Lyberty
Living Library
The Goddess Tree
The Spiritual Centre
Ogham Study Group
Eco Enchantments
Heather Symbolism
Wildlife Trust

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