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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.

Unicorns – A Talk at Leeds City Museum

The fact that I am posting two event reviews one after the other may give the impression that I live a busy fun packed life. In reality I was was a little bit tardy in getting the Nameless Arte blog … Continue reading

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The Nameless Arte – Aspects of Traditional Witchcraft in Britain

Introduction  The 2nd September 2017 was a special day for two reasons. First, it was the OP’S birthday and second was the first, hopefully not last, Traditional Witchcraft Occult Conference celebrating the Nameless Arte, a phase coined by Nigel Pennick to … Continue reading

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Of all the ancient sites that you can visit in Cumbria Castlerigg is possibly the most awesome inspiring of them all. Inspiration to artists and poets alike if it weren’t for the English Heritage signs by the gate you would … Continue reading

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Dodola and Morena – Queens of Autumn and Winter

Given the current changing of the seasons and the approach of All Hallows Eve I thought it appropriate to honour the season. Dodola and Morena are the two Slavic goddesses most associated with the later months of the year and … Continue reading

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Hekate and Crossed Keys

As a Hekatean the appearance of keys, particularly crossed keys, in my altar paraphernalia is an absolute necessity. Keys are laden with magical correspondences which perfectly resonate with Hekate’s liminality and role in transition and transformation.   Hekate’s Keys The … Continue reading

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RuneSoup Grimoires Course

After Sigils came Grimoires, specifically their history and development with a view to helping people to give it a go should they want to. I came at this from the historical perspective. The development of the magical process surrounding the grimoires … Continue reading

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Pagan Parenting – Ceremonies

Pregnancy   Pregnancy is a magical time. New life is blossoming in every way and ultimately represents a new chapter in our lives. Many feel drawn to create altars to celebrate the blessing of pregnancy as soon as conception is … Continue reading

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