Letter: Ui

Forfeda Flash Card – Vicky Newton

Uillean is the symbol of hopes and dreams, of the freedom to pursue them until they become a reality. If there is pleasure to be found in the process or in the realisation then free yourself to experience all that is on offer. In the words of the Wiccan Goddess; All acts of love and pleasure are my ritual. Uillean hints that you may be experiencing distractions, the noise of the everyday world obscuring your route to achieving your goals. This is a time to put aside those distractions that may be hindering our journey and stay true to your own values and beliefs in order to stay the course and see your way to the centre of the Mysteries.


Scientific name: Lonicera periclymenum
Family: Caprifoliaceae
Origin: native
Habitat: woodland and hedgerows
Common Names: Honeysuckle, Woodbine and Goats Foot

Honeysuckle is a deciduous climbing plant, with a large variety of species native to the temperate zones of both hemispheres. They can grow up to 10 m high, growing in a vine-like manner akin to ivy, producing twists and coils which are perfect from climbing amongst other trees and up the side of buildings. Nestles amongst the vines and oval leaves of deep green bearing creamy trumpet like flowers which appear yellow-orange with a pale pink flush. Sweet smelling, the flowers produce edible nectar which attracts many species of moths, butterflies and other pollinating insects. After flowering between July and September honeysuckle produces clusters of red berries which ripen during the autumn. Though some species are native to Britain, or have been successful introduced and naturalised some species are aggressive self-propagators and escape their garden setting to become invasive.

Honeysuckle © adamtepl

Magical Correspondences

Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Gender: Feminine
Themes: Love, luck, intuition, protection
Colour: pale pink and white
Deity: Cerridwen, Gaia, the Morrigan, Venus/Aphrodite
Sabbat: Beltane, Ostara

Magical Uses

Uillean Uillean Uillean
Ullll Eee Ann Ullll Eee Ann
Ullll e Ann Ullll e Annn
Uillean Uillean Uillean

Suggested Galdur

Bring flowering honeysuckle into the home to encourage an environment of love and harmony. This is particularly effective for improving relationships where two vines are intertwined.

Burn honeysuckle incense or scented candles to attract and maintain financial blessings into the home or generally sweeten the thoughts of others towards you. Honeysuckle flowers can also be added to honey jar spells.

Crush a honeysuckle flower and place it on or close to your forehead as you sleep to increase psychic pores and insight. Alternative add dried flowers to sleep pillows for the same purpose or to induce dreams of love and passion.

Plant honeysuck in your garden, particularly along boundaries to protect  and bless your home and to attract the Fae into your home.

Honeysuckle flowers can also incorporated into spells intended to determine the true worth of a person or thing or used as incense during divination sessions for the same purpose.

Mythology and Literature

Honeysuckle and woodbine do not feature prominently in folklore but when it appears it is usually in a healing context. For example, in Scottish records a witch is recorded to have created a wreath of woodbine, passed the patient through it nine times before cutting the wreath up in to nine pieces and then burning the wood in order to effect a cure. Other records link honeysuckle with the Fae, protecting against those with malicious intent whilst nourishing the kindly ones. On practical level honeysuckle stems are strong yet pliant and can be twisted into an effective rope. There is evidence that bridles and harness have been made from honeysuckle as early as the Bronze Age.

Of myths the most prominent relates the tale of Greek lovers Daphnis and Chloe. The pair loved far apart and could only meet when the honeysuckle bloomed. Daphnis begged the Goddess Aphrodite to aid their love and in response the Goddess caused the blossoms to last longer, carrying blossom whilst ever the weather was warm. This lengthened the time the lovers could be together and provides an explanation for the flowering of the plant. The association of honeysuckle with love appears in Scotland as well, with honeysuckle sticks being carried as a charm for attracting love and ensuring long lasting fidelity and bonds (on a count of the way it grows and it’s indestructible nature once the plant has become established).

The Honeysuckle Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

The lane is deep, the bank is steep,
The tangled hedge is high;
And clinging, twisting, up I creep,
And climb towards the sky.
O Honeysuckle, mounting high!
O Woodbine, climbing to the sky!

The people in the lane below
Look up and see me there,
Where I my honey-trumpets blow,
Whose sweetness fills the air.
O Honeysuckle, waving there!
O Woodbine, scenting all the air!

The Honeysuckle Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

Sources and Further Reading

Mileage may vary. The Forfeda are a later addition to the ogham alphabet which are sometimes including in divination sets. There is a diversity of names and meanings ascribed to the symbols of the forfeda and what is offered here is my own interpretation. Please take the information provided here in conjunction with other sources of information.

Tales Unfold – Forfeda
Magick and the Green Dragon
Living Library Introduction to the Forfeda
Learn Religions
Archangel Oracle
Woodland Trust
Sabrina’s Grimoire

Forfenda Flashcard
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