Modern Letter: N
Ruler of the 3rd Lunar Month
18th February – 17th March

In divination Nion reminds us that for every action we take there are consequences for not only ourselves but the people around us. It is important to weigh up our words and deeds as our interconnectivity with the people around us can lead to far reaching consequences. Being connected with others works both ways, and the problems we face are often not ours alone. Gather the experiences of others in the same situation and look for solutions within a wider context and conversation – pool your resources. Nion also encourages us to find balance, both within and without; to strike a balance between our individual spiritual needs and the natural world around us.

Saille – The Irish Ogham by Lunaria Gold


Common names: ash, common ash, European ash
Scientific name: Fraxinus excelsior
Family: Oleaceae
Origin: native

Ash trees are a tall and graceful pale grey/brown, growing to a height of 35m when fully grown. In winter it can be identified by velvety black buds and flattened twigs whilst its distinctive leaves, which fall green, and ‘key’s shaped fruit help identify it in summer and autumn.

Ash trees are another colonizing species, appropriating new land almost as quickly as hawthorn. It likes lower elevations and slightly acidic soils, but is more sensitive to hard frosts, which will inhibit its growing season. It’s leaves sustain a number of different caterpillars.

Mountain Ash – mail2deutschelieder


Planet: the Sun / Neptune
Element: Fire / Water
Gender: Masculine
Themes: Mastery and Power
Stone: Turquoise, Lepidolite
Birds: Common Snipe
Color: White, pale blue
Deity: Frigg, Hel, Odin, Poseidon /  Neptune, Athena / Minerva

Magical Uses

Nion Nion Nion
Niiii Onnnn Niiii Onnnn
Ni Ni Ni Onnnn
Nion Nion Nion

Suggested Galdur

An ash wand represents the gift of the Tree of Life and is best used in rituals associated with birth and passing. Such a wand should be harvested during the full moon and dedicated by anointing with healing oil from base to tip, then passing through the smoke and flame of a white candle and finally touching to the base to the bare earth (soil).

Gather ash leaves and tear them into shreds before scattering them at the four corners of your home as a protection against negative influences.

Include ash bark shavings in incense to bring prophetic dreams in meditation   

A staff made from Ash will give the bearer strength, protection, courage and eloquence in any journey undertaken or in any ritual in which it is used.

Mythology and Literature

The most famous example of the ash tree in mythology is in the form of the Norse World Tree – Yggdrasil. Sometimes called the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil connects the 9 realms of Norse Mythology and was inhabited by a number of magical beasts such as the Niddhog. It was from the Yggdrasil that Odin hung himself, for nine days and nights, in his quest for the wisdom of the runes. Other northern traditions, such as those emerging from Slavic lands, also generate the ash tree as being the axis mundi of their worlds.

Ash is also associated with great magic and power, with the wand of Gwydion being made of Ash and three of the five Irish Chieftain Trees being ash. The spears of both the Norse men and Greek heroes were made of ash, most notably is the spear given to Peleus to mark his marriage to Thetis, which became an object which allowed the bearer to both enter and leave the underworld.

Trunk and branches are smooth and grey;
(Ash-grey, my honey!)
The buds of the Ash-tree, black are they;
(And the days are long and sunny.)
Each with its seed, the keys hang there,
(Still there, my honey!)

When the leaves are gone
and the woods are bare;
(Short days may yet be sunny.)
And the keys in bunches hang on high;
(To call them “keys” is funny!)

Each with its seed, the keys hang there,
(Still there, my honey!)
When the leaves are gone
and the woods are bare;
(Short days may yet be sunny.)

The Ash Tree Fairy – Cicely Mary Barker
The Ash Tree Fairy – Cicely Mary Barker

Sources and Further Reading

Learn Religion – Ogham
Ogham Lyberty
Living Library
The Goddess Tree
Eco Enchantments
Tree Symbolism
Trees for Life
Woodland Trust

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