Right for me, right for them – ritual for finding a new job


I sort of struggled with my J post this week but finally I settled on Jobs, and specifically spells to help you find a new job.

I entered the job hunt in recent months, an unenviable thing to do let me assure you. Being more fortunate than most I have a secure job at the moment so the pressure wasn’t so great but given the UK job market at the moment it xould have been much more stressful.

I decided to give myself a magical boost and I started to root through my back catalogue of spells to find a spell or ritual to perform or inspire me. The immediate thing I noticed that everything concentrated on paperwork and paper based application which didn’t fit with modern times.

There is an increased movement towards environmentalism when it comes to applying for jobs. Everything is either completed in an online format or you don’t receive paperwork until after you have been offered the job. Although you can still perform the running of cinnamon onto a CV as a symbolic act much of the reason behind the process is lost if you never give it to anyone. I didn’t feel comfortable with a purely symbolic act so I found myself writing a ritual of my own.

I won’t share the exact ritual as is its always best to write your own. I will give you an overview of the theory and methods I used but not the wording or wider operation.

I approached the process from two angles, firstly I wanted help finding the right job. Already having a job meant that I could be specific (I mean picky) about things like remaining in my profession, sector and even client group. Basically I wanted a job like my current one which would support my future ambitions, which is increasingly hard to come by given the number of cut backs the 3rd Sector is currently facing. Secondly I wanted to a) help myself stand out if I was the idea candidate and b) support myself at interview. This double focus meant melding a number of different magical operations together within a larger ritual.

The first was rather straight forward, I wrote the detail of my ideal job on to a peice of paper and elements of my CV to support my desire. At the centre of it all was ‘right for me, right for them’. I ended up with a mind map effect which did the job. Once done and having meditated on the matter I  burnt the paper as part of my ritual.

The second thing I did was empower a amulet, in this case a small pendant in the shape of wings. This was partly to represent my need for clear communication, in the form of wings, and so I would be able to carry it with me on my person. Charged with word and deed I have carried it to every interview I have been invited to. Once I start my new job I will make an offering of in in a liminal or wild space as I stated in a ritual to mark it as complete. 

Ritual complete I went forth and applied for jobs, because no God/dess can help me if I am not proactive in some way. I have had some success, although for long enough it was in the form of coming off second best in all the interviews. As it stands I have received an offer although after a month I still don’t have a start date. But I’m ok with that, it falls into the category ‘right for them right for me” as a delay has been beneficial to all parties, including my current employer. Once I hand hand in my notice I will complete the ritual because I am well aware of the possibility that funding restrictions might cause the offer to be revoked in a worst case scenario (the down side of the 3 Sector.

I’m bring deliberately vague on the words and actions I used, basically because I think such things should be personalised. Hopefully what I have laid out here will give you a starting point.


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Weaving Magick and Crochet in the madhouse I call home. I am a devotee of Hekate and a follower of Pan.
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